Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Why do teens commit serious crimes Essay Example For Students

Why do teens commit serious crimes? Essay In California an off-duty high way patrol officer that was walking out from court was shot by a sixteen year old teenager who wanted to know how it felt like killing a cop. Then the officers family were informed that the suspect was caught and brought to justice. Furthermore, the teenager faced three life sentences, however he will not be given the death penalty. Many teens commit these serious crimes because of media, are brainwashed by older criminals, and get poor parenting. I believe in the old saying an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but young teenagers who are forced against their will to commit the crime or he or she committed the crime unintentionally should not get death penalty. When teenagers are young their victims not suspects and should not be given the death penalty. Juveniles are victims of being brainwashed into committing crimes. A teenager named Val hung around a gang full of criminals who were seeking for fame or attention. We will write a custom essay on Why do teens commit serious crimes? specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Then one day the gang hassled Val into killing a cop and then one day he unexpected shot an officer. This might be considered as brainwashed because he had to kill someone to prove the gang that he was a man or maybe he wanted to join the gang. Also, teens who commit rape crimes might of being molested or where taught hardcore sex violence while they were a child. Juveniles arent well mature and do what they are taught. Some criminals lie and perform several crimes to convince younger people into thinking that its okay to commit the crime. This criminals who brainwash young minds are the ones who should be triggered and sent to death row. Some teenage violence is done because of the way they were raised. Parents that are careless to whom their child is hanging out with, this is a situation were the child might get involved with the wrong crowd. There is other times when single parents try raising their kids but when teenagers dont have that love or attention they seem to look for a certain group who will substitute for a parent. Many gangs develop this way and their the ones who recruit young minds. Whatever things are not taught at home might be taught in the streets. For example, getting involved in a crime and since the parent is careless the young teen will perform the activity of the group hes hanging around with. Maybe if careless parents where a little more discipline then teen violence wouldnt be a big factor. Maybe some parents really dont know how to be parents. The mass media is one of the reasons why teens commit some of the serious crimes. Movies that contain violence influence teens to commit or perform what they see. For instance, Gone In Sixty Seconds is a movie about a group of people who stole cars in sixty seconds. Furthermore, this movie might of influence some teens to perform the same task. Also, cartoons like South Park that contain killings. One of the most influential shows was Jackass according to World Wide Vision some teens after watching the show they copy cat and performed some of their stunts that might have harmed people or him or herself. These are examples of what might of cause teens to commit serious crimes that is why young people shouldnt get the death penalty. Teenagers who commit this serious crimes should be helped and instead giving them the death penalty they should investigate the teens background so that other teenage crimes could be prevented. There are other alternatives to convict the teen for his actions of wrong doing and by sending him to death row will not decrease or stop teenage crimes.

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