Friday, February 28, 2020

Business Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Business Management - Assignment Example Over different stages, different mottos, and statements have been issued by the company, the interesting fact is that each of them has been in alignment with the customer care, and trouble shooting. The chairman Jeffrey Rose defining the service strategy stated that the main objective of the enterprise is to â€Å"restore the journey of the passengers back on the track as quickly as possible† One of the incidents quoted in the magazines affirms their determination towards customers satisfaction, in form of a 2 A.M call received by the worker, who took out a spare part from his own car just to ensure the passenger safety and putting back the car on the road. The earlier motto and service strategy of the organization were also in alliance with the customer needs. The logo was â€Å"society for protection, encouragement and development of automobilism†. By the end of the century when the company published its manifesto and statement about the company service strategy it st ated the entire function range from in house to the off road services. The prime strategy is focused on the concept of rescue and savior in the time of need. When the car gives up on the passengers in the middle of the high way or in the middle of barren desert. Various variables have been targeted in past which indicate the company’s seriousness about its commitment towards the clients. One of those variables has been the customer satisfaction Index (C.S.I). The aim has always been to increase the C.S.I and capitalize on any opportunity available in benefiting the clients. The service strategy is based on the solid principles of customer satisfaction, amount of care taken in fulfilling their requirements. The prime is not just to make the effort, rather make the effort count and yield results that may speak for themselves in terms of the contributions made. Service strategy is amalgamated with the core competence and over period of time the company has earned its name for th e mere reason of customers’ satisfaction and needs fulfillment which in other way is a directed strategy towards goals achievements. The history of its services and customer satisfaction trace back to nearly a century down the lane. All this time, the company strategy is focused on the principle of rescue when no other resources are available. The improvement has not been over a fortnight, rather incremental. Over period of time small incremental steps were being taken that led to making it one of the pioneers in its field. While in some cases the top management change contributed towards the success, in others the policies revamping. The means of communication adopted by the incumbent company have contributed to the success in a way as well. While it is a known fact that the communication and in time contact serves as high importance and value towards the accomplishment of task. It is directly related to the customer satisfaction and job accomplishment. Communication becomes in evitable in scenarios where emergencies are confronted and in time delivery are required. R.A.C has made sure it fulfills the criterion of rapid communication. The entire organizational unit consists of over a thousand vehicles that are dedicated for the purpose and are stand by for any

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